“Mikis Theodorakis” Popular Orchestra was founded in May 1997, by musicians who had played with Mikis Theodorakis, and knew his work well. The orchestra made its debut in June 1997 at the Exoni Theatre of Glyfada. 
Since then, the Orchestra has given many popular concerts appearing with distinguished performers as well as young promising artists. 
The orchestra has performed at several theatres, music venues and stadiums all over Greece as well as a number of concerts abroad. 
They have organized and taken part in many concerts, collaborating with symphony orchestras and a number of choirs, quite often under the direction of the composer. 
The orchestra’s musicians are deeply committed to playing a leading role in new initiatives including concerts for peace, against racism and drugs, for prisoners, the organization “Doctors Without Borders” and others, with the aim of making people aware of sensitive social issues. 
The orchestra’s aim is the performance of Mikis Theodorakis' work in concerts, on television programs, CD recordings etc., and also the projection and familiarization of the work of great poets such as Yiannis Ritsos, Odysseus Elytis, Manolis Anagnostakis and many others. Finally it is the attempt to show the connection between the popular and lyrical works with the symphonic music of the composer.




"Mikis Theodorakis" Popular Orchestra

Yiannis Belonis, piano
Thanasis Vassilas, bouzouki
Yiannis Matsoukas, bouzouki
Xenofon Simvoulidis, oboe- flutes - english horn
Vangelis Kontaratos, guitar
Artemis Samaras, violin, viola
Lefteris Grivas, accordion
Stavros Kavalieratos, contrabass
Nikos Skomopoulos, drums
Stefanos Theodorakis-Papangelidis, percussion


General manager: Margarita-Aspasia Theodorakis
Coordination: Sophie Hayes
Planning & production manager: Maria Vlachos
Support: Alexandra Sgouropoulou
Public relations: Mary Vidiadou, Dimitris Argiroulis
Sound: Michalis Alexakis, Sakis Karasarinis
Projector engineer: Vassilis Azisis
Image processing: Michalis Galanakis


Address: 10-12 Dikaiou Street, 117 41 Athens
Telephone: (+30) 210 9200260 - Fax (+30) 210 9241362
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.